Investing in PROOF

If ice cream can have tenacious spirit, then PROOF Alcohol Ice Cream does.

Jennifer (Jenn) Randall-Collins, founder of PROOF, is a Kentucky-raised, basketball-playing, politic-slinging, mother of two who used passion and grit to turn a series of challenging circumstances into a spirited product and company destined to change the way people think about dessert. 

In 2015, Jenn put hardship and loss in the rear-view mirror and took a chance on an old Kentucky family recipe that incorporated alcohol into ice cream and moved to South Carolina to launch PROOF. 

A former University of South Carolina basketball player, she always knew she wanted to eventually move back. 

PROOF’s unexpected sophisticated blend of flavor and texture is creating a breakout lifestyle brand that fits comfortably in a variety of markets. From raceways and country clubs to festivals and high-end dinner parties, PROOF is a fresh dessert alternative with an ounce of grit and a splash of spirit.

The season is alive with investment opportunities for PROOF lovers, especially if you’re a South Carolina resident.

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PROOF Alcohol Ice Cream

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