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About Us

An artisan ice cream company in Columbia, South Carolina, PROOF is changing the way people think about dessert.

Using proprietary formulas and production techniques, PROOF is handcrafted daily using top-shelf liquor as a key ingredient to create a savory end-product with an unmatched creamy consistency. 

Combining quality spirits and popular ice cream flavors, PROOF delivers a modern, indulgent taste experience in every bite.

With a dozen rotating flavors in our permanent and seasonal collections, we recommend enjoying our product directly from the container or as a complement to a more traditional dessert.

Trust us. The PROOF is in the taste.

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PROOF of concept

Born in Kentucky and made in South Carolina, PROOF was the first alcohol ice cream of its kind.

Founded by former University of South Carolina women’s basketball player Jenn Randall-Collins, PROOF was developed from an old Kentucky recipe that had been shared among families for generations. 

By combining premium alcohol and proprietary processing, the specialty product has created a bold, new dessert category that’s changing the way people think about cakes, pies, and after-dinner drinks—not to mention delicious bowls of distinctive ice cream. 

Popular flavors and top-shelf liquor from our friends who distill quality bourbon, rum, vodka, moonshine, and whiskey have turned having a bite of ice cream into a sophisticated happy hour, any hour of the day. 

Alongside Jenn and business partner Dirk Brown, a team of committed employees carry out day-to-day operations at the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Columbia, South Carolina. 

“PROOF is a spirited dessert made by a dedicated team of innovatively spirited people.”

Jenn Randall-Collins • Founder & CEO


Distinct, Dynamic & Delicious

Our year-round and seasonal flavors are inspired by people, places, music, art, and more. We use proprietary binders, mix formulas, and production techniques to create dramatic blends we sometimes call “sophisticated magic.”

Because connecting with our customers is important to us, we’re always experimenting with edgy, new flavor pairings that reflect their values and eclectic tastes. We have to admit, curating alcohol ice cream is pretty darn fun.

Permanent Collection

Mocha Chocolate Moonshine

Nothing short of a match made in heaven, we’ve combined our chocolate obsession with world-class distilled spirits from our fine, fun-loving friends in Tennessee.


Smooth, sophisticated and rich in spirits, this easy-eating crowd favorite can easily be devoured in one sitting. We strongly suggest sharing, even if it’s just with your piece of pie.

Strawberry Moonshine

Die-hard spirits lovers have a new sweet obsession with this creamy, dreamy duo. A rich celebration of flavor, this fresh-forward dessert takes comfort food to a whole new level.

Vanilla Bourbon

From a rooftop party to a backyard barbeque, this fantastical combination of super-flavors is the perfect complement to any gathering. Just be prepared to have to run out for more.

Seasonal Collection — Limited

Cheesecake Moonshine

Indulgent in every way, spoonfuls of this rich, decadent concoction create the perfect crowd-pleaser, whether you’re hosting twenty close friends or just two.

Coconut Rum

Easy to enjoy whether you’re on the boat, the beach, or at a lakeside party, this mouthwatering flavor reminds us to kick back, turn up the music, and savor the season as long as we can.

Blackberry Moonshine

If you’ve ever tasted blackberries picked straight from a bush, you’ll understand our sweet obsession with this quintessential pairing that tastes like summertime, every time.
Shot of Mocha Espresso Moonshine

Our patent-pending process is the only way to keep the alcohol frozen in the ice cream, so the two can co-exist in their creamy state of deliciousness.
PROOF is a full 7% alcohol (14 proof) by volume for each serving.


Our line of adult alcohol ice cream is currently available in shops across the Carolinas, with national distribution slated for 2020.

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Taste the PROOF

Summer is sizzling with investment opportunities for PROOF lovers, especially if you’re a South Carolina resident.


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